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I'm Amber, I'm 20 yrs old, from wisconsin and in college. I always put other people before myself. Never take life for granted. Some pictures I connect from facebook. Message me if you want to talk :)


steve harvey on family feud is a national treasure and my favorite thing is when his disbelief at one contestant for their response turns into disbelieve at the whole country


I had the pleasure of listening to a couple argue on the bus this morning. The lady was telling the man he wasn’t really in this relationship for her. He was just in it so he wouldn’t be lonely. She then said, “That’s what my Steve Harvey book says.”

Steve: name a fruit that comes in more than one color
Me: apples
Guy on TV: jello
Me: what


Imagine Steve Harvey playing Cards Against Humanity.




family feud is great because you can actually see steve harvey lose a little more faith in humanity with every episode


Steve harvey: name one thing that you eat?

Me: booty

Steve harvey: survey says!

*booty 20 points*

*steve harvey walks off stage depressed*